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What is BIM?

BIM can be understood as Building Information Model, a digital twin of building equipment or material. BIM can also stand for Building Information Modeling, a process of information modeling of buildings and constructions which can be regarded as object lifecycle management: an approach to its construction, maintenance, renovation and demolition.

Evolution of project sales.

More and more designers start working in BIM environment, which means that offering BIM models has become a decisive advantage. Furthermore, the notion of “project sales” has arised. For manufacturers and subcontractors It implies the start of sales on project design stage. Your products, implemented into the project as information models are very likely to be purchased on the construction stage. Therefore, it becomes a new efficient sales channel.

We are simply very good at BIM

Here it could be a boring marketing content, but the only things you need to know are:

- we listen to our customers in order to meet all their expectations and goals;

- our specialists have a deep knowledge of current information modeling standards and know how to use them by experience;

- we strictly observe the requirements including, but not limited to levels of detail and information (LOD, LOI), principles of model behaviour in projects.

As a result you will obtain a complete solution - a library of models which you will be proud of. Specifications in accordance with the Russian National Standard (GOST) will be set up in order to enable automated calculation of products in a project.

Designed components are placed on our platform and made available for download to tens of thousands of users.

We have created over 3000 models, here are a few of them:

Be involved in the process!

Hi, I’m Ivan Voinskiy, head of technical department. We’ll organize the work in 4 phases:

Иван Воинский

We delve

We start by a thorough study of your products and ways they are used. Then we approve the list of products accepted for modeling.

Release «a pilot»

Direct cooperation starts with a pilot model development and its presentation. Once the «pilot» is approved we continue by developing the library.

Forming a library

Working with BIMLIB, you obtain high-quality BIM-content, professional technical assistance and statistics on interaction with your models on the portal.

Long-term relationships

We provide marketing support, tools which allow to gather statistics and implement models on any web-site. You won’t be left alone with your models.

Создаем BIM-модели

Design and development of BIM-models from 50 EUR

Order now

You will get:

We provide everything you need for full functionality and effective cooperation with designers and customers.

Access with BIMLIB plugin

Transfer your BIM-content directly to designer’s workplace (to CAD). An option to add your web-calculator into the toolbar of the plugin.

Detailed statistics

Mechanisms for obtaining statistics on interaction with your models. Which of your models have been viewed and how many times. Feedback from designers.

Simple to embed in web-sites

Thanks to our special code you will be able to easily offer current BIM-content from BIMLIB library on any web-site. All changes in the library will be reflected immediately on all the platforms and portals.

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