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Микроволновая печь Bosch HMV5052U


HMV5052U 30" Over-the-Range Microwave 500 Series - Stainless Steel. The Precisely Designed OTR Microwave is a Perfect Match for the Bosch Slide-in Range. A Sensor Detects When Food is Finished and Automatically Turns Off. A Large Cooking Interior Gives You Flexibility to Cook Various Dishes A Multi-speed Vent Efficiently Removes Steam, Smoke, Grease and Odors - 385 CFM The LCD Display Features Easy-to-Read White LED Lettering

Main properties
  • Width
    402 mm
  • Height
    446 mm
  • Length
    758 mm
  • Weight
    24.40 kg
Tech Properties
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Микроволновая печь Bosch HMV5052U