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  • Простота управления

    Easy management

    Fill in the general information, choose dates, and obtain a solution. No spam, no calls, etc.

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    Special status

    We work directly with manufacturers, it guarantees that you will enjoy priority over other users.

  • прозрачность процесса


    We keep the history of requests. It will allow you to analyze the workflow and understand how to save more time.

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Клиенты BIMLIB

Natalia F. Designer in a construction company

«BIMLIB experts have greatly facilitated my workflow. I used to deal with huge amounts of paperwork and endless phone calls. And now I only have to design».


Dmitriy S. Designer in a construction company

«A huge problem arises when you contact different companies and your phone number appears in a database.Then all kinds of companies start spamming you with their offers. I am finally out of it, since BIMLIB experts make calls for me».


Alexey N. BIM-manager

«Templates with GOST and specifications are just awesome! The text is just great, everything is clear - nothing to complain about. In my case it is the main reason why I have opted for the service and keep using it constantly».

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