Wall-mounted hood AW 280/AW 281 The AW 280 boasts Gaggenau's exclusive Coanda ventilation technology. The unique shape creates an additional air current along its front edge. This air current traps rising condensation before it has a chance to escape over the edge of the appliance and drives it straight into the inlet. Like the Al 280 island solution, the AW 280 delivers a level of performance in normal mode that conventional systems achieve only when running at maximum speed.

Main properties
  • Width
    600 mm
  • Height
    700 mm
  • Length
    500 mm
  • Weight
    3.00 kg
Tech Properties
  • Category
    Оборудование для систем отопления, вентиляции и кондиционирования
  • Type
  • Class
    Акустическое покрытие снаружи или внутри воздуховода
  • Buildings
  • Room type
  • Materials
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Gaggenau Ventilation Hood AW280790