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GIAN 4 stone chips texture


GIAN Anti-slip. Safety cast in concrete GIAN anti-slip formliners : attractive, thin texture mat adhered inside concrete mould GIAN is the name of the innovative texture mat from Compañero. This texture mat is easy to handle and can be used repeatedly. GIAN 4 stone chips texture A solid-looking anti-slip texture with an attractive and whimsical light and dark line pattern. Some users say the texture looks like snakeskin, while others see a diamond pattern.

Main properties
  • Width
    2000 mm
  • Height
    35 mm
  • Length
    14 mm
  • Weight
    1 g
Tech Properties
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Compañero BV
Compañero BV
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GIAN 4 stone chips texture
Compañero BV
Compañero BV