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NK2NT-180 Double


NK2NT-180 Double is a 2-ply fold-up door for bridge crane openings. Due to its rigid 180 mm wide frame construction it is excellent in locations requiring large special doors. The width of a single door can be up to 16 m, and the height 20 m. NK2 Double craneway door solutions are especially designed to do away with the problems traditionally associated with craneway openings. There is a variety automatic systems for opening and closing available. Craneway doors are also available with extra insulation (model NK4-180 Warm).

Main properties
  • Width
    1600 mm
  • Height
    2000 mm
  • Length
    180 mm
  • Weight
    1 g
Tech Properties
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Champion Door
Champion Door
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NK2NT-180 Double
Champion Door
Champion Door