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Посудомоечная машина Bosch SHS63VL6UC


24" Scoop Handle Dishwasher 300 Series- Black SHS63VL6UC Bosch dishwashers are so quiet, you may forget they're on. InfoLight® projects a red light onto the floor to let you know it's on. - 44 dBA: Quietest dishwasher brand. - InfoLight® shines on the floor so you know the dishwasher's running. - RackMatic® offers 3 height levels, for 9 possible rack positions. - Full-size stainless steel tall tub with perfectly flush installation. - AquaStop® leak protection works 24/7 to prevent water damage

Main properties
  • Width
    600 mm
  • Height
    860 mm
  • Length
    609 mm
  • Weight
    38.50 kg
Tech Properties
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Посудомоечная машина Bosch SHS63VL6UC