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NK4L Warm Lite


Due to ingenious technology, Lite-doors are very reliable in tough operating conditions, and with a low maintenance need. Lite doors are also safe; the engine has been fitted with a built-in brake, and the side controls have been fitted with a fall-guard safety clutch. The NK4L Warm Lite's insulation characteristics are excellent, the u-heating value is 0.76 W / (m2 * K). This door is perfect as an external door of a warm room, as well as between a cold and a warm room. Due to the efficient heat insulation of the NK4L Warm Lite, there is very little moisture condensation.

Main properties
  • Width
    1600 mm
  • Height
    2000 mm
  • Length
    120 mm
  • Weight
    1 g
Tech Properties
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Champion Door
Champion Door
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NK4L Warm Lite
Champion Door
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